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B.G. Verghese Papers

B.G. Verghese Papers

"Ethics and social responsibility should be the watchword of every journalist. That is why integrity and truthfulness become crucial in maintaining the profession of journalism."

One of India’s best-known senior journalists, Boobli George Verghese (b.1927-d.2014), began his journalistic career with the Times of India in 1966, before becoming Information Adviser to the Prime Minister (1966-69). He was later the editor of leading newspapers, Hindustan Times (1969-75) and Indian Express (1982-86). Verghese served as Information Adviser to the Defence Minister (2001), and as a member of National Security Advisory Board and Kargil Review Committee (1999), and co-authored the Kargil Review Committee Report. He was part of the Editors Guild of India Fact Finding Mission to Gujarat (April, 2002).

Verghese won the Ramon Magsaysay Award for his outstanding contribution to journalism in 1975. He was conferred the Assam’s prestigious Srimanta Sankaradeva Award for 2005 and won the Upendra Nath Brahma Soldier of Humanity Award in July, 2013.

B.G. Verghese authored several books including Design for Tomorrow: Emerging Contours of India’s Development (1965), Waters of Hope (1990), Harnessing the Eastern Himalayan Rivers (1993), Winning the Future (1994), India’s Northeast Resurgent: Ethnicity, Insurgency, Governance, Development (1996), and Reorienting India (2001), Rage, Reconciliation and Security: Managing India’s Diversities (2008). His last book, A State in Denial: Pakistan's Misguided and Dangerous Crusade was posthumously released in 2016 at New Delhi.

About the Collection: The collection comprises articles, newsletters, research papers, notes, lectures, reports on various themes related to media, environment, ecology, wildlife management, biodiversity conservation, sustainable agriculture, national and international affairs etc. The papers also include his correspondence with the proprietors of the Hindustan Times, annual reports on wildlife (Wildlife Institute of India), Coastal Ecosystem (South Asia), Biodiversity Conservation, and drafts of his work on North East India. There are also photographs of various events like the Teri Silver Jubilee Series, visit to Bhutan and Bangkok, and some personal family photographs.

Donor: Rahul Verghese and Vijay Verghese
Acquisition: 2017