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Devahuti & Damodar Singhal Papers

Devahuti  & Damodar Singhal Papers

"This book emerged out of the initiative of Devahuti Damodar Svaraj Trust, which was established in 1990, to further the legacy of Professors Devahuti and Damodar Singhal....

Since its inception the Devahuti Damodar Svaraj Trust, under its organization named Manana has supported several projects in the areas of Indian history, philosophy, and culture."


Prof. Devahuti (b.1929- d.1988) was a renowned scholar of ancient Indian and early Southeast Asian history. She did her B.A. Honours and M.A. from the East Punjab University, Chandigarh, and obtained her Doctoral Degree from SOAS, University of London in 1956. She taught at the Universities of Malaya and Adelaide, Australia, and at the University of Delhi.
A historian of worldwide repute, Devahuti has contributed a number of research papers and written/edited many volumes on ancient history and culture. Her publications include: India and Ancient Malaya (from the earliest times to circa 1400 A.D.) (1965), Harsha: A Political Study (1970), Problems of Indian Historiography (ed. 1979), Bias in Indian Historiography (ed. 1980), Malaysia in historical perspective (1980), Historical and Political Perspectives (ed. 1982), and The Unknown Hsuan Tsang (ed. 2001).
Prof. Damodar Prasad Singhal (b. 1925- d. 1986), an eminent author and historian was educated at Punjab University, and SOAS, University of London. He has written extensively on South Asian history and culture and was a Professor of History at the University of Queensland in Australia. Here he was conferred honorary Doctor of Letters, and later in 1986 was conferred with the status of Emeritus. He was also an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland and Royal Historical Society.
A prolific writer, his publications include: The Annexation of Upper Burma (1960), India and Afghanistan, 1876-1907: A Study in Diplomatic Relations (1963), Nationalism in India and other Historical Essays (1967), India and World Civilization, (2 vols. 1969, was also brought out in Hindi), Pakistan (1972), Modern Indian Society and Culture (1980), British Diplomacy and Annexation of Upper Burma (2nd. Edition, 1981), Gypsies: Indians in Exile (1982), A History of the Indian People (1983), and Buddhism in East Asia (1984).
About the Collection: The collection of the papers of Profs. Devahuti and Damodar Prasad Singhal consists of research material on Southeast Asia and ancient Indian history, religion, art, culture and civilization. There are handwritten notes and drafts/chapters of some of the books, partly finished manuscripts on historiography, religion, gypsies, world civilization, nationalism, India’s neighbours and its diplomatic relations. The collection also contains numerous articles on the status of women in later Vedic age, the practice of sati and folk woman as depicted in ancient Indian art. Several pamphlets on history and society, and issues of some rare journals also form a part of the collection.
Donor: Veena Sachdev (Devahuti Damodar Svaraj Trust)
Acquisition: 2018