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WWF-India Newsletter

WWF-India Newsletter

Established as a Charitable Trust on 27 November 1969, WWF-India is a science-based organization that addresses issues such as the conservation of species and their habitats, climate change, water, environmental education, among many others. Over the years, its perspective has broadened to reflect a more holistic understanding of the various conservation issues facing the country and seeks to proactively encourage environmental conservation by working with different stakeholders - Governments, NGOs, schools and colleges, corporates, students, and nature enthusiasts. With five decades of extensive work in the sector, WWF-India today is one of the leading conservation organizations in the country and has played a critical role in protecting nature and wildlife in India. 

Since its inception, WWF-India has issued a quarterly newsletter that acted as the official organ of the society in India. A slim eclectic publication, each issue carried snippets of conservation and wildlife-related news, articles by reputed naturalists and conservationists, and details of the activities undertaken by WWF-India in each quarter. Over the decades, the WWF-India Newsletter forms a rich archive of tracing the evolution of conservation in post-independent India as well as a key source of archival wildlife-related news reports. 

The WWF-India Newsletter is yet another major primary source material for scholars studying natural history and conservation in India that has been digitised by ACI. The Archives has the digital version of WWF-India Newsletter until 2007 (digital issues of the newsletter were available with WWF-India from 2008 onwards) housed in WWF-India library. This invaluable material will provide scholars and researchers access to a new vital archive related to the evolution of conservation and environmental protection in India.